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Healing Base Camp Participant

Milana, is an 11-year old Ukrainian girl, living in Slovakia with her grandmother, Olga, after fleeing from war. Tragedy struck when Milana was two, and she and her mother were inside a building bombed by Russian nationalists. She lost her leg and her mother on the same day. Since then, Olga has been her loving caregiver. Despite her outgoing and imaginative nature, Milana carries deep trauma from the past, yet remains eager to live her life and face the challenges she meets. 


Healing Base Camp Participant

After losing her daughter to a Russian terrorist attack in 2015, Olga took on the role of primary caregiver to granddaughter, Milana. Though unexpected, she finds deep gratitude in having the young girl by her side. As Milana enters adolescence, she is troubled by new fears that she is making mistakes as a grandparent who finds themselves caring for a young child again. Still, Milana brings her the hope and strength to persevere through the darkness. 

Nathan Schmidt

United States Marine and founder of Mountain Seed Foundation

Nathan Schmidt is a US military veteran who served three tours in combat in Iraq. He left the war with deep emotional scars, and found mountain climbing gave him a path towards healing. He created “Mountain Seed Foundation” alongside his wife Dana, with the goal that it can provide a similar path for others suffering the devastating effects of war.

Amit G. Oren, PhD

Psychotherapy Program Coordinator, MSF and Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine

A clinical psychologist, Amit G. Oren, PhD, has treated patients in private practice for over thirty years. For the past twenty five years Oren has also served as an assistant clinical professor at the Yale School of Medicine, where she supervises psychology interns and psychiatry residents. She is passionate about positive psychology and is deeply committed to applying its concepts and research findings to the practice of psychotherapy. A dedicated educator and contributor within the Yale psychiatric community, she has shared her considerable knowledge and clinical expertise by conducting workshops and lecturing extensively in the US and abroad.

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